Austin Hankwitz.

My Favorite Credit Card

Out of the few credit cards I do use, my Apple Card is my favorite – and here’s why! No fees – Not even hidden ones: with my Apple Card

How To Be An Adult & Not Go Broke

You read that right – in this post I’m going to be teaching you the easiest way to not go broke as an adult, especially into retirement. So if you’ve

Kanye X Gap Inc.?

You simply cannot make this stuff up. In the first half of 2021, Gap Inc. will be unveiling a new clothing line called “Yeezy Gap”. In April, CNN announced that

Comparing Nvidia and Intel

Sometimes I like to compare companies with similar business models to each other – figuring out what gives each one their respective competitive advantage. In this comparison, I’ll be tossing

How I Made My Portfolio Tracker in Google Sheets

If you invest in publicly traded companies like I do, chances are you want to closely follow along their stock’s performance. Maybe you use the tracking statistics your online broker