2022 U.S. 10-year Treasury Yield Outlook

In my 2022 outlook on the S&P 500, I mentioned that forecasting is fraught with perils, but it is nonetheless helpful since it forces us to think about the evolving


12-15-2021 Fed Meeting Summary and Impact

The Fed meeting held earlier today was arguably the most pivotal since the emergency meetings held at the height of the COVID-induced liquidity crisis in March 2020 as the Committee

MacroHenry’s 2022 Outlook

Introduction Yogi Berra may have said “making predictions is hard, especially about the future,” but at the end of every year, Wall Street nonetheless floods its clients with predictions ranging

Three Reasons To Be Bullish On Chinese Stocks

There may be a slew of reasons for Chinese stocks to cool down in the second half of 2020, but there’s no shortage of Chinese-based capital, innovation or entrepreneurs to drive future growth opportunities or wealth creation in China.