COVID Observations (June 3, 2020)

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I took a look at state-by-state data today and it’s really interesting. It looks like a few states are seeing an increasing trend in new cases, but the overall chart still looks fine because the Northeast is still on hard lock-down. Thoughts?

All States:





New York:

New Jersey:



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      1. https://coronavirus.jhu.edu/testing/individual-states/usa
        This is a very good resource since it puts the percentage of positive cases in perspective with the increase/decrease in the number of tests being performed. It looks like the U.S. as a whole is doing good since we have increased testing greatly and positive cases have dropped. However, we have to attenuate to different states since they are opening at different rates. I’ll keep an eye on this chart for the upcoming two or three weeks to see the impact of protests and further opening of the U.S. as a whole.

  1. With the protesting and everything else that is going on, it almost feels like people are forgetting about the virus or are putting it on the back burner. I think it will be interesting to see what happens next week with new cases as the effects of memorial day and protest gatherings are realized. Another interesting thing is that a lot of testing sites have been closed due to the protests, so possibly the daily numbers we have seen this week are a bit muted as a result of decreased capacity.

      1. That’s crazy. Especially when some of those people probably came from different parts of Tennessee and possibly nearby states, basically creating a melting pot that would make it very difficult to do any tracing.

  2. It’s impossible to separate the number of new cases from the amount of testing due to how late we are doing it. We don’t know how many people are already immune, we don’t know the bias behind who is getting tested, the case data is useless beyond playing politics and making headlines. Personally, I’m only paying attention to changes in death rates and hospitalizations. http://91-divoc.com/pages/covid-visualization/

    1. I agree. So much noise to the data. I still don’t have my head around how I can know if we’re about to see a second spike

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