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  • James

    July 22, 2020 at 7:02 pm

    I am also interested!

    I have stayed away from the speculative SPAC plays like $NKLA thus far, but reading the limited material out there on Bill Ackman’s $PSTH has me intrigued.

    Based on random other forums, comments, and even discussions on this site, I’ve seen ideas ranging from Space X to AirBnB to Stripe to a potential gambling site. From what I’ve read, the investing group has two years two decide and has already raised $5 billion in liquidity and I guess you can also factor in the purchased shares post-IPO, so a lot of money with ample time. So who knows.

    @justinoh I vaguely recall you discussing Bill Ackman and potentially even the Pershing she’ll company/blank check. If this is the case, could you point me to the stream where you discussed it? If not – what are your thoughts on this very speculative play? Any predictions as to the sector at the least? Seems like a lot of upside and not too much risk @21/share