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Jobs Report Disappoints… + Free Analysis Friday!

Happy Friday! We have a Morning Cents announcement coming on Monday… Stay tuned! Today’s News: The U.S. jobs report disappoints, semiconductor firms gain momentum, and Bitcoin futures ETFs incoming?  What’s Trending…

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Snowflake, Splunk, and Salesforce earnings…

Justin and Tom Nash aired episode 3 of their new investing podcast called Unpopular Opinions. Check it out here! New episodes every Wednesday! Also, don’t forget to join us for


Keeping a long-term mindset | Teladoc Analysis

Justin Oh: Speculative growth stocks have taken another big hit lately, with ARKK down 4% yesterday, and the Big Board underperforming over the last 1-2 months because of our similar

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Powell Calls for Faster Global Vaccination

While the pace of economic recovery is promising, Fed Chairman Jerome Powell said the slow rollout of Covid-19 vaccines outside of the U.S. is a major threat to the world’s