Job growth slows…

Today’s News: Hiring slows in December, NYT acquires The Athletic, and GameStop enters NFTs and cryptocurrency… What’s Trending… On ROIC: Capital Compounders On Twitter: SaaS Stocks On Reddit: GameStop (GME) Subscribe


$1.25 Tree?

Markets & Macro U.S., Other Countries to Tap Strategic Oil Reserves The U.S. and other countries plan to release strategic petroleum reservesto bring down gasoline prices. President Biden announced the

(Volodymyr Plysiuk)

Bitcoin Futures ETF News + GitLab Pumps After IPO…

Today’s News: Retail sales rise, the price of Bitcoin jumps on ETF rumors, and GitLab has a strong Wall Street debut… What’s Trending… On ROIC: Chinese Fintech On Twitter:¬†Affirm Holdings