Wednesday Earnings Roundup

A look at the latest crop of earnings.
(Julius Kielaitis)
(Julius Kielaitis)
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Twitter’s user base grew during the latest quarter despite kicking off one of its most prominent users, former President Donald Trump, WSJ reports.

  • Daily Users: 192 Million (+2.7%)
  • Revenue: $1.29 Billion (+28%)
  • Net Income: $222 Million (Nearly Doubled)

Lyft’s share price still trended upward after posting significantly declining quarterly revenues after the Covid-19 pandemic wiped out much of its business, CNBC reports.

  • Daily Active Riders: 12.55 Million
  • Revenue: $570 Million (-44%)
  • EBITDA Loss: $150 Million (-11.2%)

GM continued its “striking rebound in the second half of 2020 after a prolonged factory shutdown from the coronavirus pandemic” with a Q4 profit that surpassed Wall Street’s expectations, WSJ reports.

  • Revenue: $37.52 Billion (+22%)
  • Net Income: $2.85 Billion (Reversing a small loss from a year earlier)

Toyota has “cemented its status as Japan’s healthiest auto maker” with a quicker-than-expected rebound from the Covid-19 pandemic, WSJ reports.

  • Expected Yearly Revenue: $253 Billion (Slight increase from earlier projections)
  • Anticipated Operating Profit: $19.1 Billion (A rise of about $7 billion)
  • Note, Toyota’s fiscal year ends on March 31.

Justin Oh:

Twitter ($TWTR) is seeing a revitalization through the pandemic, just like Reddit and Snapchat. I, for one, have found Twitter to be a vibrant and educational platform, at least for FinTwit. While this is encouraging, Twitter has seen only compounded annual growth of 11% for revenue and 12% for EBITDA over the past five years. 

Twitter ($TWTR) now trades at 16x forward Gross Profit and 35x EBITDA. Not a bad valuation for an inflecting business, but also not as juicy as, say, a Facebook ($FB).

Although Lyft ($LYFT) reported a rough quarter, it beat EBITDA expectations by almost 19% and the stock is up almost 5% today. Lyft expects “a growth inflection beginning in the second quarter that strengthens in the second half of the year.” Lyft trades at a very cheap multiple (9x forward Gross Profit), but is completely dependent on a recovery in ride-hailing.

We will be eyeing Uber’s ($UBER) earnings closely after market close today.

See which of these stocks we hold on the ROIC Big Board.

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